“The product of hard work”

Brinklow Quarry was founded by the late Mr Tony Aston in 1988, as a diversification from the family arable farm which was started in 1963. After six years of hard work and negotiations, planning was granted and the quarry commenced in 1994.

Over the past two decades the quarry has developed into both a valued resource for the local construction industry and a supplier of aggregates to local residents. We currently have contracts with major UK companies to supply materials ranging from building sand to clay. The quarry has a life span of 20 years and a total estimated tonnage of 3.5 million tonnes before any future expansion is required.

The business is now managed by Mr Tony Aston's sons Mr M.Aston and Mr.D.Aston who continue to run the quarrying operations alongside the large family arable farm.

“Less waste more value”

As part of our on going commitment to conserve natural resources we are increasingly becoming involved in all aspects of recycling. In 1999, in conjunction with Coventry City Council, we carried out a pilot scheme to recycle green garden waste generated by its residents and park maintenance departments. Material which would previously been tipped at landfill is now diverted to our facility where it is turned into a valued end product for resale or a beneficial compost for our farm land. Since then the composting site has become one of the largest in the area and of great benefit to the local environment. We are now actively looking to encourage local recycling at our facility providing quality, local composting for Rugby Borough area.

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“Aggregates which don't cost the earth.”

The latest project we have undertaken is to provide recycled aggregates helping to conserve valuable natural resources. We are currently crushing and screening brick and concrete to produce an alternative to granite type one, washed drainage / pipe bedding gravel, and recycled fill sand,  and screening reclaimed soil to produce a quality topsoil for landscaping.
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“The Right company to mix with”

On the site at Brinklow Quarry, Premier Mortars Ltd have installed a premix mortar plant, which uses our building and sharp sand to manufacture and provide small builders to major housing developers with high quality premixed mortars and screeds. For more information click here.

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